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Hello! I was wondering if by any chance your hometown is Bacoor, Cavite?

Aww no. I live in Manila~

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Nagi no Asukara - EP26(End) - Scenery

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hello! i have a quick question about your kiriban! for example if i got 444,444 views do i just screenshot my screen and note it to you on dA or something? :)

Yes, exactly! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

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high-res and more info DEVIANTART

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I think it’s obvious by now I’m on hiatus. A lot of things are happening lately and most are terrible things. I’m doing my thesis work + 5 other major subjects this term. I got ill really bad that I had to skip classes for more than a week and it sucks because every moment in class is important now that it’s near finals. I can’t hold the pen properly because my hands are infected as well thus I haven’t been drawing for a while. I’ll probably post art in a few days but that’s old art I’ve queued. There’s so many things to do I just want to lay on bed and cry. It’s not supposed to be this bad but the illness really added to the stress. (ᗒᗣᗕ)՞

Ah I just thought to let you guys know O|-< /will delete this later

I read your replies and some fanmailajkfljasdfal thank you thank you so much! I will do my best and sort it out! /clings on everyone

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high-res and more info  Deviantart

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larger resolution  Deviantart

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artblock and stress relief 2

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It’s just that these two are so alike…

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speedpaint vid of this thing

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Miku trapped in your phone— thing
Feel free to use as your phone wallpaper~

{ SPEEDPAINT VIDEO | Deviantart | Pixiv }

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transparent “fake” mirai from the kyoukai no kanata mini theater #2

please don’t delete this caption!!

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Goth [ w i p ]