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Hello! I added a new category for set/bundle prints. So far, there’s only a Beyond the Boundary set.

it contains old A4 prints and a new one (top right) in a lower price plus a free A5 postcard. Do purchase if you like!! * v * )/ [ buy here ]

I also removed most of the A5 prints and some A4 prints. Thank you for those who have bought prints/books from me so far. It means a lot!

alskjdfdslaga thank you so much for those who read and ordered the comic!!! I’m glad you guys liked the short story q v q )

Someone notified me that it was sold out and there are still people interested in buying so I added 15 more copies in Storenvy! That’s the final restock and this won’t be reprinted again. 

Read it online for free in Inkblazers or
You can buy the comic in Storenvy

Thank you for all the reblogs and support too sobs hard you guys are awesome!!